Anies Invited to enter Gerindra, PAN Ogah Come Together

PAN respects PKS, Gerindra and Anies.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The National Mandate Party (PAN) said it would not bother Gerindra, who would transfer the seat of the vice governor of DKI Jakarta to PKS on condition. Moreover, it is a requirement to make Anies Baswedan a Gerindra framework.

"We, from PAN, are not trying to intervene here," said PAN Secretary General Faldo Maldini on contact, Tuesday (21/8).

Faldo explained that PAN respects and respects democracy in principle. That is why he also expressed respect for every political party in carrying out regeneration and recruitment.

"The principle is that we have respect for PKS, Gerindra and Anies, regardless of the results," he said.

It should also be noted that PAN also sent its best cadres to compete with the successor of Sandiaga Uno as vice-governor of Jakarta. PAN presented the general chairman, Zulkifli Hasan, as vice-governor of Jakarta.

"It is clear that PAN was asked to send his best frame to become deputy governor, we are ready," said Faldo.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the Gerindra party party in the DKI DPRD, Prabowo Soenirman, said that PKS executives could take the seat of DKI Jakarta vice-governor to replace Sandiaga Uno, provided Anies Baswedan Gerindra would come in.

"We are afraid of Taufik, with this note, until we insist, we hope that Anies becomes a Gerindra framework", said Prabowo Soenirman.

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