Anies: Jakarta gets attention, the party does not like to play Nominate the name of the vice-governor of DKI

JAKARTA, – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan entrusts deputy governor candidate to his party, Gerindra Party and Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

Anies said, the two sides would not be arbitrary in determining candidates.

"Whoever is proposed in a political party, I believe that political parties have considered maturity, Jakarta will be a concern, therefore the party will not play in naming names," Anies said in the Rawamangun area on Friday (31-08). -2018),

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Anies admitted that he was not involved in making a proposal regarding the replacement of Sandiaga Uno's position. He is ready to work with everyone determined by the party.

He believes, however, that political parties will also communicate with him in determining candidates for vice-governor.

"Although officially there is no obligation, they have to communicate," Anies said.

Anies said, at this moment political parties were busy with many things. In addition to taking care of the presidential election process, political parties also undergo a legislative process for elections.

That is why the discussion about the deputy governor of DKI was not too intense.

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But actually, said Anies, the party that supports him still supports the presidential decree first.

After the presidential decree concerning the dismissal of Sandiaga as vice-governor, the party immediately left for his successor.

"They can not propose a name before there is a decree from the president that the resignation of Mr. Sandiaga Uno has been declared valid," said Anies.

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