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VIVA – Musician Ahmad Dhani guarantees the implementation of Declaration # 2019The president in Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya, East Java, on Sunday morning 26 August 2018, will take place peacefully and away from friction. Even Dhani promised that the participants in the statement would be silent if they were visited by the group that rejected the statement.

"We are friendly people, love peace, when we are defeated, most, yes, you just keep silent," Dhani said on the sidelines of enjoying the rice cake at a street vendor at Jalan Kranggan Surabaya, East Java, on Saturday afternoon, August 25, 2018. With his wife, Mulan Jameela, Dhani was in Surabaya to attend the presidential declaration of change.

The ex-husband of Maia Estianty did not doubt the news that there would be a countermass movement against the Declaration of Change of the President. According to him, it is normal in pro and contra democracies. Dhani also did not doubt the absence of permission from the police to attend the event. "No need for a permit, just a notification to the regional police," he said.

Dhani claimed that the participants of the Declaration of Change who were later alumni of the 212. movement, therefore the statement would be peaceful and orderly. "We, alumni, 212, the grass has not stopped, the ants do not step on it, let alone people," he said.

Dhani's statement was conveyed following the concerns of some parties about the potential for chaos or even clashes when the Declaration of Presidential Change was held in Tugu Pahlawan. East Java regional police will even resolve if friction occurs at the event.

The police understands that the delivery of public ambitions such as the presidential declaration of change is legally regulated, so that the regional police of East Java do not forbid or allow this.

"But the police will certainly take action, one of them is a preventive measure, so the two parties will not crash. If we beat each other, we will dissolve," said East Java Police Public Relations Head, Kombes Pol French Barung Mangera. (Ren)

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