Armed with CCTV, the Ringkus police bore the bombing of the Toraja Masale Church – Bonepos

BONEPOS.COM, MAKASSAR – The explosion took place in the Toraja Masale church, Jalan Adyaksa Baru, Pandang Sub-district, Makassar Panakukang District, Tuesday, August 21, 2018 around 17:00.

The blast came from objects suspected to be Molotov cocktails thrown by unknown men. There were no fatalities in this incident.


The explosion was quite shocking for local residents who caused a fire on the side doors and church ventilation.

The Chief Public Relations of Makassar Panakukang Police, Brikpka Ahmad Halim, revealed that the explosion was carried out by a man with the initials JP (18), who was suspected of being a cause for heartache.

Actors were known to be recorded by CCTV around the Toraja Masale Church. So that the police officers of Panakukang directly controlled the actions of the perpetrators.

"Based on the shot, the perpetrator carried out the action by climbing the fence wall by carrying a bottle of fuel in the form of gasoline, when the perpetrator opened the cap of the bottle and burned it with matches, after which he put it on the floor. the church door was thrown where the site had an electrical substation, so the cable installation and the safety of the tangled part were burned, "explains Bripka Ahmad Halim.

Subsequently, Panakukang police officers also conducted research and research into fingerprints in the bottle from the results of CCTV images.

From the results of the questioning of the perpetrators, he admitted that it was true that he had planned the explosion since last Thursday.

"The perpetrator is also a recidivism, which was once handled by Panakukang police because of a jerk," he added.

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