Asked who deserves to be President 2019, this is the answer from Najwa Shihab

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Najwa Shihab bluntly answers the question of who is the presidential candidate he wants to support in the presidential elections of 2019.

The answer was given by Najwa, who attended the guest role on the vlog of Boy William on Thursday (23-08-2018).

Vlog uploaded Boy William on the Youtubenya channel and got the title #NebengBoy S2 Eps. 5 – Najwa Shihab & # 39; s option about President 2019! Boy William laughed! & # 39;

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Like the previous Nebeng Boy concept, Najwa sat on the passenger seat of Boy & # 39; s car and talked nonchalantly.

Even Najwa sang and danced with Boy William.

In this vlog, a 40-year-old journalist gave a message to young people of the current era for politics.

Najwa distinguishes 3 types of young people from the current era in the political world.

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"I have the feeling that there are already 3 types of young people of this era, there are people who are politically, politically aware and knowingly and knowingly political, and on the basis of me this is a danger if you become a politician. used by political actors, "said Najwa.

Najwa said that the media for political battles this time were social media.

So I want a lot of info on social media.

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