Bambang Soesatyo explained Peluru Nyasar to the DPR building

JAKARTA, – DPR chairman Bambang Soesatyo explained that the Parliament Complex is the target of lost bullets that took place on Monday (10/15/2018).

On Monday, two chambers of the DPR members in the Nusantara I building, Complex, Senayan, Jakarta were hit by stray bullets.

A bullet across the room of Commissioner III of the Gerizegra Party Group Wenny Warouw on the 16th floor and another bullet penetrated the chamber of Member of Commission III of the Golkar Party Group Bambang Heri Purnama on the 13th Floor.

According to Bambang, the location of the Nusantara I building was indeed close to the Senayan shooting range.

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He estimated that the distance between the parking lot of the DVR and the training ground shot the reaction about 100 meters. If you are drawn to the 16th floor, the distance is about 200 – 300 meters.

"Is there a question, why is the DPR? Because it is the training location that is used the most, near the DPR, maybe the distance from there to the DPR car park is 100 meters, about 200-300 meters and the damage is great. "said Bambang. in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta.

Based on the temporary information received by Bambang, alleged perpetrators with the first I, a 32-year-old civil servant (PNS).

I am a member of the Indonesian Shooting Association (Perbakin) Banten and living in Bintaro.

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When the incident happened, I reportedly used a 9-millimeter Glock-17 handheld weapon that had been modified to completely & # 39; automatic weapon.

Politicians who are also administrators of the Indonesian Shooting Association (Perbakin) explained that Glock-like weapons of 9 millimeters have a series of recordings of up to 1.5 miles or about 1,609,344 meters.

"That range can reach 1.5 miles, so the effective shot can be 400 meters, the shot is exactly 25-75 meters," said Bambang.

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Other information received by Bambang, the alleged perpetrator had attended upgrading and teaching the reaction Shoot.

It is suspected that the perpetrator with the first I is also aware that he has just graduated from the Shoot Reaction 2018 certificate.

"The time is worried reload or when you want to pull the magazine, press the trigger, the direction of the barrel is pointing upwards and explodes. Because the weapon is allegedly converted into automatic, more than one bullet comes out. Two of them were focused on the DPR building, "Bambang said.




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