Bawaslu investigates alleged Rp 500 M political spirit and Witness exams, PAN Politician: Just Funny

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – The insanity of Sandiaga Uno's appointment to the Prabowo Subianto companion in the 2019 presidential election, along with the rise of the political dowry issue conducted by the deputy secretary general of the Andi Arief Democratic Party.

The latter, Bawaslu began an investigation into suspected political dowry against two parties, PAN and PKS, which was allegedly given by the potential vice president, Sandiaga Uno.

According to the Waketum PAN, Viva Yoga Mauladi, the cuitan of Andi Arief was just funny.

"It's just funny," Viva told reporters at the CSIS Office, Central Jakarta, Monday (08/20/2018).

In addition, when the party is called, Viva asks that the PAN call is based on authentic evidence. According to him, there must be a strong foundation to be the basis for inviting his party.

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"What is the calling of the problem, the call must be authentic, where is the authentic proof? Do not be ridiculous, it is just funny, it is not important for PAN," said Viva.

As is known, Bawaslu intends to call for Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Party Andi Arief to be present as a witness in connection with reports of alleged political dowry mentioned by Sandiaga Uno to PAN and PKS.

The summons is a follow-up to a report that was submitted earlier by the United Indonesia Federation on Tuesday (08/14/2018).

"There are three witnesses submitted by the reporter, one of them is Andi Arief," said Commissioner Ratna Dewi Petalolo, Monday (08/20/2018).

Earlier, the Federation of United Indonesia reported alleged cases of political dowry led by Vice President Sandiaga Uno.

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