Bawaslu stops the case of Mahar Sandi, Hasto Said Well

Bawaslu stops the case of Mahar Sandi, Hasto Said This - JPNN.COM, JAKARTA – National Campaign Team (TKN) Joko Widodo – KH Ma & ruin Amin (Jokowi – Ma & # 39; ruf) respects the decision of the election control bureau (Bawaslu) to investigate alleged dowry cases of Sandiaga S Uno for the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the National Mandate Party (PAN).

It is only that, the secretary of TKN Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf, who is also the secretary-general of PDI Perjuangan Hasto Kristiyanto, stated that the public actually hopes that there will be clarity about the alleged giving of dowry for support to get as a vice presidential candidate.

"So this factual dowry that we have to see because everything that is damaging to democracy. Especially talking about the leader of the country so that there is a name of the leader of the country that is steadfast, has a principle not to carry out pragmatic things, "said Hasto in the Jokowi-Ma & # 39; Victory House at Jalan Cemara, Central Jakarta, Saturday (31/8).

Hasto went further, future leaders are not allowed to publish material to get support. According to him, this violates ethical and moral aspects as a leader.

"For us the name is political dowry, moreover, this is related to the process of finding a national leader, it is very forbidden, it can not happen, it violates the most substantial thing of the leader himself," he said.

Mahar politics, Hasto went on, made Indonesian democracy flawed. He compared it with a sports competition participant who won by the referee to buy.

"Must go through the right process, through training, not through shortcuts, bribe referees to become champions, not bribe other parties so they lose, but they do things," Hasto explained.(tan / jpnn)

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