Bawaslu will check Andi Arief for Rp. 500 M from password to PKS and PAN – The election control bureau (Bawaslu) followed the reports submitted by the Federation United Indonesia on the accusation of the secretary of the democratic party, Andi Arief, about the Rp 500 billion dowry of Sandiaga Uno to PKS and PAN. Ratna Bawaslu Commissioner Dewi Petalolo said it would call on Andi Arief to be a witness to the accusation.

"Three witnesses were submitted by the reporter, one of them, Andi Arief," said Ratna when she was approached on Monday (8/20).

However, Ratna said, so far there is no confirmation of Andi Arief's presence to fulfill the summons of Bawaslu. "Not yet confirmed, but we are just waiting for their presence," he said.

Later, the three witnesses will be examined by the clarification team for the Bawaslu prosecution department. The team investigates witness statements about Sandiaga's Rp 500 billion dowry charges to PKS and PAN to elect him to become the vice presidential candidate for Prabowo Subianto.

"We clarify the only one," he explained.

Asked about the plan to call Sandiaga, Ratna said that it had not planned the summons of the former governor of Jakarta.

"Do not call," Ratna said.


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