BKN disables Login in sscn.bkn.go.id, 5 agencies announce management selection results CPNS 2018

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The National Office for Personnel (BKN) temporarily disables the registration on the selection portal 2018 for Candidates for Officials (CPNS) on Saturday (10/20/2018).

Deactivation to provide an opportunity for verifiers who open the 2018 CPNS selection to complete the verification work for the administrative verification.

The notification was submitted by BKN via its official Twitter account, @BKNgoid.

"Hello #SobatBKN, signing in to SSCN is disabled so that the agent of the agency can complete the work. Please wait, "wrote the BKN account manager.

BKN does not inform when the login is deactivated sscn.bkn.go.id put into operation.

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BKN messages answer questions from citizens who complain that they can not register with sscn.bkn.go.id.

The reason is that many applicants are planning to log in sscn.bkn.go.id to check the results of the administrative selection of CPNS 2018.

Five agencies announce results of 2018 CPNS management selection

Today, Saturday (10/20/2018), at least five agencies have announced the results of the administrative selection of candidates for civil servants (CPNS) 2018.

After passing the CPNS 2018 management selection, you can print the CPNS 2018 exam card on the sscn.bkn.go.id page.

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