BMKG: Earthquake Lombok, 5.3 Magnitude Not Potention Tsunami, Jakarta – The earthquake again lobbied Lombok, NTB, at 07.15 WIB with a magnitude of 5.3. The tectonic earthquake is located at coordinates 8.15 south latitude and 116.37 east longitude, or rather the sea at a distance of 55 km northeast of Mataram City, at a depth of 16 km.

"Taking into account the location of the epicenter and hypocenter depth, the type of shallow earthquake caused by Flores (Flores Back Arc Thrust) activity increased," said BMKG Head of Earthquake Tsunami Early Warning and Information Daryono, Sunday (02/09/2018).

The results of the source mechanism analysis indicate that the earthquake is caused by rock deformation with an upward movement mechanism (thrust error).

"The earthquake in Lombok was reportedly felt by the people in the areas of North Lombok, West Lombok and the city of Mataram in the intensity scale of II-III MMI and Central Lombok II MMI," he said.

Although the residents were panicking, so far there were no reports of the consequences of the damage caused by the earthquake. Modeling results show that earthquakes do not have the potential to cause a tsunami.

"The earthquake activity in Lombok is still a series of aftershocks," Daryono said.

For this reason, the community is encouraged to remain calm and not to be influenced by matters that can not be justified.

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