BNPB: Kalimantan and Sumatra become the main point of construction for Karhutla, Jakarta – BNPB Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said, there were some areas that were considered vulnerable for forest and land fires. Because there are about seven areas that are considered vulnerable to the occurrence of forest and land fires.

"Areas susceptible to forest fires in Sumatra, Kalimantan, especially in South Sumatra, Jambi, Riau, West Kalimantan, Kalimantam Tengah, South Kalimantan are areas exposed to forest fires," said Sutopo at the BNPB Office, East Jakarta, Tuesday (08/21/2018),

He also revealed that BNPB, together with other agencies and integrated task forces consisting of air and land task forces, are still monitoring forest-sensitive areas. He thought there were still many people in West Kalimantan who burned the forest.

The vulnerable point of the forest and land fires are peat and dry areas that are difficult to extinguish in the event of fire. As a result of forest and land fires, no less than four people died breathing too much smoke from karhutla that caused shortness of breath.

"There were four people who died in West Kalimantan. They were also found in the house that used to be. On what date I had forgotten that a person died, two people were injured by burning the garden and seized the place where 1 person died. and two critical people in West Kalimantan, "said Sutopo.

That is why, until now, it is still being used to make the method by artificial rain to at least reduce the occurrence of forest and land fires.

Karhutla in West Kalimantan is still expanding. Because there are a total of four affected cities and districts. In this case, the police arrested 5 perpetrators.

"We have secured the five perpetrators of forest fires and land fires, currently there are two P-21 documents and the evidence and suspects are immediately transferred to the prosecutor's office," said inspector general Didi Haryono, regional inspector of West Kalimantan, on Tuesday ( 21). / 8/2018).

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Reporter: Nur Habibie

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Forest and land fires that hit Riau last week have continued to expand, officers are trying to suppress land and air.

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