Boeven on Cengkareng Under the guise of Safety to drive away citizens

JAKARTA, – Cases of extortion of money in the Ruko Seribu Cengkareng complex are carried out by villains under the guise of security.

They demanded that citizens pay a fine. If residents can not pay, they will damage the store building due to licensing problems.

In the video uploaded on Sunday, Aug. 26, 18 by Rendi Puguh Gumilang's Facebook account, there were criminals wearing safety clothing who carried out the demolition process for the residents' shop, while other criminals acted as supervisors.

The video is viral on social media and has been distributed 14,000 times.

In the first video with a duration of 1 minute and 16 seconds, a villain accused the shop owner that he did not have an official permit from the local RT / RW to build a bridge in the store.

"I have nothing to do with you, your new residents have created problems here." Have you reported RT / RW as a new citizen? "said one of the villains.

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The shop owner also claimed that he had received permission from RT / RW to build a bridge. The villains, however, seem to ignore the answer from the shop owner and continue to dismantle.

"New residents do not report RT / W as long as they come in, they play riots so you," continued the villain.

West Jakarta Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Edy Suranta Sitepu confirmed the mode executed by villains to get money from residents.

"There are people who want to come to his office, he wants to build a bridge, but he is not allowed because he did not pay the security condition for them," Edy said when he contacted., Sunday.

Police West Jakarta arrested seven people who often massacred deeds in the Ruko Seribu Cengkareng Complex, Friday (08/24/2018). The seven people included those who used security uniforms.

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The arrests were made on the basis of reports from one of the residents of Rp. 16-20 million to pay to the villains.

At the moment the case is busy with further research and research.

"Everything is still under investigation," said Edy.

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