Brawl at Jalan Sultan Agung, Manggarai Starting from spot on Social Media

JAKARTA, – Head of Pasar Manggis Purwati Village, said the teenage quarrel at Jalan Sultan Agung, Manggarai, South Jakarta, began to ridicule social media.

Fighting on Monday (08/20/2018) that night were two groups of teenagers who lived in Pasar Manggis and Menteng Tenggulun Villages.

"These are the words of the children (mutual taunts) on Facebook social media." There are people who are angry because they are insulted. "Coincidentally, we are residents of the Manggis Market brawl with Menteng Tenggulun," Purwati said when he contacted.

According to Purwati, about 100 teenagers were involved in fights. They went out after the police had fired tear gas. No one was injured in the incident.

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"Teenagers, high school, high school students, about 100 children.Now it is conducive, the police have been put on tear gas," he said.

Purwati said, children in the mangosteen market will be collected tomorrow after the fight on Tuesday (08/21/2018).

"Anticipating tomorrow will be gathered in the village with bhabinkamtibmas.This is another coordination with bhabinkamtibmas," he said.

Setiabudi Metro Police Chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Kompol Tri Suryawan, said earlier that the inter-toe brawl at Jalan Sultan Agung closed the side of the road.

"Al (the road) is open, it will be closed for at least 15 minutes, but it is safe to check, it can pass," he said.

The fight happened around 9:00. Two groups of teenagers throw stones at each other. The police are spreading the quarrel with tear gas.

According to Tri, nothing was secured during the fight.

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