Brawl, the road at Manggis Market was closed – There have been clashes between two groups in the Setia Budi area, Jakarta South. The collision took place for the Mangosteen market on Jalan Sultan Agung.

Setiabudi Metro Police Chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Kompol Tri Suryawan, said the incident took place around 9:00 am in the morning. The clash itself happened for 15 minutes.

"About an hour ago, about 21.00 WIB, a maximum of 15 minutes," Suryawan said when he contacted, Jakarta, Monday (8/20).

Suryawan also ensured that at the moment the area could be traversed by the community, both those who use vehicles and pedestrians.

"It has already opened the way, it is already conducive, it can all be driven out, it is safe to control, it has been able to pass," he said.

He also ensured that the clash or brawl was carried out by teenagers who still could not resist their emotions. Clashes or fights can be lifted by the police with the help of tear gas. And he also ensured that nobody was using sharp ammunition.

"There is nothing (guaranteed), although not yet.This is still the tear gas, tear gas, no weapon (bubarinnya)," he said. [fik]

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