Cases of Sukamiskin Kalapas Bribery, KPK Call to the Director General of PAS

Sri Puguh will be questioned for suspect Fami Darmawansyah.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – KPK called on the director general of the correctional services, Sri Puguh Budi Utami, to investigate cases of alleged bribery at the head of the correctional institution (prison) in Lapas Klas 1 Sukamiskin, Bandung . In addition to Sri Puguh, the KPK also called the director of the Director General of Corrections named Mul.

"Sri Puguh Budi Utami was called to be questioned about the suspect FD (Fahmi Darmawansyah)," said KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah Friday in Jakarta (8/24).

The KPK conducted a hand-arrest operation (OTT) on 20 July 2018 against the head of the Sukamiskin Penitentiary Wahid Husein; his staff Hendry Saputra; detainees sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in cases of corruption by bribery cases by the official officer of the Republic of the Navy (Bakamla) Fahmi Darmawansyah and general criminal prisoners and the accompanying travel companion Andri Rahmat of Fahmi Darmawansyah.

The KPK then established the head of Sukamiskin Wahid Husein and his staff Hendry Saputra as suspects in receiving bribes in the form of money and two cars, namely a Mitsubishi Triton Exceed and a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Roof Cart. Meanwhile, the bribe suspect Fahmi Darmawansyah and Fahmi's companion, Andri Rahmat.

In the OTT the KPK also sealed two prison cells, the younger brother of former Banten governor Ratu Atut, Tubagus Chaeri Wardhana also alias Wawan and former Bangkalan regent Fuad Amin. In addition to the two cars, the KPK also took evidence of Rp. 279.92 million and 1,410 US dollars, reports of receipt of money and documents for the purchase and delivery of cars from the hands of Wahid, Hendry, Fahmi and Andri. The Mitsubishi Triton was said to have been ordered by Fahmi and given to Wahid.

When the KPK team entered Fahmi's cell, he was known for a number of facilities to enjoy, such as air conditioning (air conditioning), television, bookshelves, cupboards, sinks, bathrooms complete with sitting toilets and boilers, refrigerators and mattresses. Wahid also reportedly offered cells with various facilities worth Rp 200-500 million.

In the OTT, the KPK also secured the wife of Fahmi, Inneke Koesherawati. However, Inneke is still a witness in this case.

Previously, PAS Director General Sri Puguh Utami said that the biggest problem of prison was overcapacity that reached 200 percent of capacity. In addition, other issues, the mixing of various criminal prisoners, Rp. 15,000 a day meal, the proximity of officers and prisoners who conflict of interest, the influence of officers by prisoners, in particular corruption, drugs and terrorism.

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