Chairman and vice-chairman of the KTK court Medan Kena OTT

MEDAN, – The Corruption Eradication Commission carried out a hand arrest (OTT KPK) on Tuesday (08/28/2018) at the court in Medan (PN), North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

The KPK secured Medan District Chief Marsudin Nainggolan, vice-president of Medan District Court, Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo, Judge Sontan Meraoke Sinaga, ad hoc judge Corruption Merry Purba, Elpandi and Oloan Sirait clerks, and two others from the private sector.

For information, Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo was the chairman of the panel of judges in Meiliana, a defendant in a blasphemy in Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra.

Medan PN Public Relations spokesperson Erintuah Damanik confirmed this arrest. But he could not provide information about what the suspects were arrested.

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"I no comment First, the information was related to corruption. "OTT this morning they sealed the table of the judges of Sontan and Merry," said Erintuah, Tuesday (28-08-2018).

KPK Vice President Basaria Panjaitan who was confirmed by reporters confirmed the arrest of the judges and clerks.

"There are eight people secured for further research," Basaria said.

KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah also said the same thing. Febri said through the message from WhatsApp that the suspects were secured because there was a transaction related to the handling of corruption cases in Medan.

His party secures proof of the Singapore dollar. The KPK team is currently monitoring a number of information from the public.

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"The development will be-update back, including how many people are being taken to Jakarta, "he explained.

Sales case

Information obtained, the suspects were arrested in connection with a corruption case that sold 74 hectares of state land, which cost the state Rp 132 billion with the defendant Tamin Sukardi.

Tamin was just sentenced to six years in prison on Monday (27-08-2018). The trial panel of judges was Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo, Sontan Meraoke Sinaga and Merry Purba. While Elpandi became the panel.

In addition to the body punishment, the owner of Simalem Resort was also charged more than Rp 132 billion in replacement fees. But the panel of judges has not ordered the public prosecutor to confiscate the evidence of 74 hectares of land to the state.

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Instead, it was returned to Mujianto as a land buyer, stating that he had to pay the remaining payment to Tamin for about Rp. 105 billion. Then the money was transferred to the state to be confiscated.

Erintuah Damanik, who was asked about this question, only replied that he was still concentrating on the alleged approach to corruption cases. The legal advice team of Tamin Sukardi, Suhadi, who was questioned, claimed that he had received no information.

"I heard the net from the reporter." During the hearing, Mr. Tamin's decision did not come yesterday, so I was shocked, I was looking for information first, yes … "Suhadi said.

After being secured from the court of Medan, the suspects were transferred to the High Office of North Sumatra. Kasan Penkum North Sumatra, prosecutor Sumanggar Siagian has confirmed this.

He said that the KPK lent a place in the North Sumatra prosecutor's office to conduct an investigation. As a result of the coordination of the two parties, the KPK will provide the results of the research.

"We only facilitate the place for inspection," Sumanggar said.

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