Change president, change Fahri Just Not Able

Setyo Aji, CNN Indonesia Friday, 31/08/2018 21:24 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Spokesperson of the winning team of Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruin Amin, Ruhut Sitompul, insinuated the Prosperous Justice Party about the # 2019 GantiPresiden movement, where one of the PKS politicians, Mardani Ali Sera, one of the initiators.

According to Ruhut, PKS is not ashamed of the move to replace the president, but to replace Fahri Hamzah with the vice president of the DPR chairman, PKS has not been able.

"I am not ashamed (will) replace the president, Fahri is fired from 2016. The Vice-President of the House, he is a substitute for a woman, has been prepared in the plenary meeting so far, so I mean that it change of Fahri Hamzah's framework can not be replaced or replaced by the president, "Ruhut said in a discussion in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta, Friday (8/31).

In addition, Ruhut admitted that he had suspected since the beginning of the movement that it would be busy because behind the hashtag movement there was a large agenda that until now was often controversial.

"I have seen this from the beginning, it will be busy, but we respect Bawaslu, he said there is no problem, but in fact there is a big agenda," he explained.

He also regretted that the movement had spread to Saudi Arabia, where Zamzam water was distributed with stickers with the text # 2019 Represents. Earlier in Riau and Surabaya there were also riots in connection with the statement of this movement.

He also called on Neno Warisman, who was also the initiator, Mardani, and a number of # 2019antiPresident promoters to stop the movement. (Sur)

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