Chronology of a woman who falls from Central Java Fair Fair Wheel 2018

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A woman from Pati, Central Java, experienced something unexpected when she left the gondola Ferris wheel at Jateng Fair 2018, the Recreation and Promotion Promotion Center (PRPP).

The victim named Puspaningrum was immediately taken to Colombia Asia Hospital to undergo treatment after falling when he left the Ferris wheel on Saturday evening (1/9/2018). launch, Public relations of Central Java Sinta Pramucitra said the incident occurred when passengers in the nacelle were lowered one by one.

At that time the victim had not had time to walk, but the ferris wheel had been moved to lower the other passengers.

Because of this, the victim was hit by a door that was not closed, while his friend fell into the gondola.

According to Sinta, the victim fell at a height of about 1-2 meters.

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As a result, the victims suffered injuries from their right thighs and waist.

The doctor who examined Puspa said that his condition was good and could go home immediately.

The manager, however, asked Puspa for a break in the hospital because the circumstances were too late, so it was not possible to return to Pati.

"This event is pure human errorWith regard to financing, Central Java is responsible for all financing. "Every visitor who is present at the ticket purchase is immediately insured", he was quoted as saying,

The news about the fall of a woman from the gondola in Central Java Fair circulated on social media.

One of them has uploaded a Facebook account Saiful Bahri for the group Kabar & # 39; e Semarang.

In the scattered photographs, several people swarmed around Puspa, they tried to see the state of Puspa and the photo of Puspa was evacuated to the hospital.

Watch the full video above! ( Widiastuti)


Editor: Sigit Ariyanto
Reporter: Vika Widiastuti
Video production: Riesa Sativa Ilma
Source: Central Java Tribun

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