Ciliwung Festival, Re-introduction of residents with its river …

JAKARTA, – This weekend there is a festival called the Ciliwung Festival which is held in Gang Munggal, Condet, East Jakarta.

In the festival, the community carried out various activities on empty land on the banks of the Ciliwung River.

"We have gymnastic events together and there are also river runs," said chairman of the Ciliwung Festival, Maulana, or known as Bang Lantur, at the festival on Saturday (08/25/2018).

Since this morning residents have enriched the festival grounds of the Condet Kita Foundation Community.

Residents want to participate together with the gymnastics. In addition, vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno joined the festival.

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There, various culinary products are also sold by the residents themselves. Then said, holding a festival on the river bank is indeed a lot of flaws.

Uneven ground surface therefore warm weather is inevitable. But that does not matter.

Because, he continued, this festival was deliberately made to re-introduce the community with the Ciliwung River.

"So far, there have been no attempts to improve the condition of rivers, why, because there are still obstacles at the source," said Lantur.

The source is the people themselves who often see the river as waste.

If so, any attempt to clean the river will not be able to get the support of the citizens themselves.

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"How can we socialize the cleanliness of the river while the community does not know the river?" This is how we introduce the community to the Ciliwung River itself, "said Lantur.

"It means, we make an event with view Ciliwung River, "he added.

Lantur hopes, this festival can be useful. In any case, residents have the feeling that they belong to the river that flows in their surroundings.

In this way the river will be more awake. Not only by the government, but also by its citizens.

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