Commemoration of 60 years of Indonesian-Japanese cooperation, UBL diploma and 2018 manga festival / JAKARTA – In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, Budi Luhur University (UBL) participated in holding a Seminar and Manga Festival. For these private universities Meiji and Manga Festival are not new, the article has been with UBL in Japan for several years, both student exchanges and exchange of knowledge in the field of culture, art, and so on.

Collaboration with Meiji University, seminars and the Manga Festival is getting richer with knowledge that can be absorbed by students, related to the Japanese culture known to have a strong culture and tradition.

Chairman of the Manga Seminar and Manga Festival Committee of 2018, Arief Ruslan, who is also the head of Animation at FIKOM UBL, said it was an International Seminar and Manga Festival held the theme of Chara Ganbatte "Celebrating Women in Manga Industries "where in this event we discussed how the role of manga in the modern world is mainly for women.

"The event was held by Meiji Seminar by inviting speakers in their field, namely Prof. Fujimoto Yukari from Meiji University Japan and Female Comic Azisa Noor Koesuma from Indonesia with moderator of the female strip Kathrinna Rakhmavika about the role of women in Manga Industries to discuss which is known to continue to experience development follows the time, "he said.

UBL Chancellor Didik Sulistyanto said, this time the Manga Festival focused on the future Kartini Kartini. The hope is that the future Kartini will be able to innovate by developing the potential of both cultures, namely Indonesia and Japan, so that products from Indonesian and Japanese culture will be born within the framework of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan. Japan.

"Japan is known as a country where the Manga comes from.) Similarly, Indonesia is known as a fairly rich tradition. Hopefully, this activity will provide Kartini with knowledge in the future, in order to work with innovative works, especially in the field. from Manga, "he said. BLMangaFest 2018 this time, enough to attract the attention of Budi Luhur students. In this activity, students, high school students, the general public, about 400 people, the UBL theater hall, who was very enthusiastic about attending the manga seminar and manga festival in 2018, which was held in the theater hall and the Baduy house from Budi Luhur University.

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