Confirm Netralitas, BIN Call the return of Neno Warisman from Pekanbaru the best way

JAKARTA, – BIN Spokesman Henry Hari Purwanto stressed that the National Intelligence Agency has the responsibility to create security.

Wawan said, BIN's duties and functions were contained in Law No. 17 of 2011 on State Intelligence.

He said this in response to the dissolution of massive action # 2019 Changing the president in Riau who was attended by Neno Warisman.

"BIN, the goal is to ensure the security of the Republic of Indonesia," said Wawan during a press conference in the South Jakarta region, Pancoran, Monday (27-08-2018).

Wawan denied that his party was not neutral in resolving the massive action # 2019 Changing the president and banning Neno Warisman from attending the Music Tour event entitled "# 2019 Change President" in Pekanbaru.

"The existence of BIN must exist on all fronts to secure the Republic of Indonesia, not bias, we are neutral, whoever wins our election as a state institution to secure it," Wawan said.

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Wawan said that the appeal to Neno Warisman to return to Jakarta was the best way to prevent clashes and casualties.

"The call (Neno Warisman) to return is the best call to minimize the number of victims," ​​Wawan said.

Previously, Neno Warisman reported on Sunday, August 26, the # 2019 Declaration by the President in Pekanbaru. However, on arrival at Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport, City Pekanbaru, Saturday (08/25/2018), Neno was confronted with mobs that refused his arrival.

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