Conglomerate grandchildren are frozen because they are too long in the bathroom

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – RAM or Richard, the grandson of a socialite and one of the richest people in Indonesia, was caught in a use case cocaine the result is too long in the bathroom. This caused suspicions of police officers on location.

Richard had previously been arrested for using cocaine in a toilet in a restaurant in the SCBD area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (8/22), early in the morning.

Head of the police publications department in Jakarta, former commissioner Argo Yuwono, explained the chronology of Richard's arrest.

At that time, policeman Herr Heryawan alias Herimen was in the same restaurant as Richard. At that moment Herry went to the toilet in the restaurant.

Before Herry went to the bathroom, Richard was the first to arrive. Herry waited long enough to be suspicious.

"Mr. Herimen does activities on SCBD and when he goes to the bathroom, it turns out that the bathroom is used by people and after he has been used, how long does he wait for the person to leave the bathroom", he said at the head office of the regional police of Metro Jaya.

Commissioner for Police Herry Heryawan (right), in Jakarta, 2017.Commissioner for Police Herry Heryawan (right), in Jakarta, 2017. (Rinaldy Sofwan Fakhrana)

When Richard left the bathroom, Argo, Herry, who used to be Depok Police Chief and the Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief of Jatanras, also found the remains of cocaine that Richard used.

"Mr. Herimen discovered that there was white powder on the mobile phone on the screen, because the person in question was a detective and he knew the evidence had finally been taken," he said.

Shortly thereafter, said Argo, Herry also took Richard to the headquarters of Metro Metropolitan Police to be subjected to the Police Research Directorate of Jakarta. Richard, who is still undergoing a study, also underwent urine, hair and blood tests.

Richard is also known to use cocaine with a black Iphone X mobile phone and is sucked through five Australian dollars.

The results of the urine test received, Richard was found positive for the use of cocaine and benzodiazepine, This substance is known as a medicine that has a calming effect.

After the arrest the police confiscated evidence in the form of a black Iphone X and an Australian dollar of five dollars. Both items still have the remaining cocaine that has been used.

Richard would have received cocaine from a man with the initials ML now on the list of people (DPO). Cocaine giving is suspected as a gift before the wedding.


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