Construction material Supermarket in BSD Ludes Burned

TANGERANG – Construction of supermarkets and BJ Home furniture on Jalan Raya Serpong, BSD, Tangerang Selatan, devoured by the red rooster on Sunday (08/26/2018) morning. The fire destroyed all items in the store with three floors.

After five hours of wrestling, officers managed to defuse the fire after 12 fire engines were deployed to the site. There were no casualties in the unfortunate event. Losses are estimated at billions of rupiah.

"The problem of the water problem is because it is far away and there is a hiddrant that does not work," said Secretary General Sulasna of South Sumatra when poskotanews met on Sunday morning (08/26/2018).

From the information collected, said Sulasna, the fire took place on Saturday (08/25/2018) around 21.30. The flames were first seen on the 3rd floor, the wind increased the flames and devoured the entire contents of the BJ Home building.


"This is a construction store with chemicals, so we are slowly spraying, we mobilized 12 units with 70 members," he said.

So far, the process of cooling in supermarkets of building and furniture items is still underway. Officers suspected that there were two causes of the fire affecting BJ Home, namely electricity and chemical compounds.

"Still being researched, fire from the living room, perhaps electricity or a paint tank, because in many chemicals," explained Sulasna.

Sulasna ensured that no deaths occurred in the incident. Because the supermarkets for buildings and furniture are closed when the red rooster devours the entire BJ Home building.

"There are no victims because this store is closed." The loss is estimated at billions of Rupiah ", he concluded. (Imam / b)

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