Criminal law experts call Idrus Marham "offside" more previously announced as a suspect Reporter Report, Theresia Felisiani

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Determination of the defendant Idrus Marhan in the bribery case of the Riau-1 PLTU building project until his dismissal as social minister is still fiercely discussed.

According to the Criminal Law Expert, Hery Firmansyah, the step of Idrus Marham who first announced a suspect compared to the official conference of the KPK was "offside."

"We were shocked yesterday about the Bang Idrus case." Three ideas ago Id Idrus said that the suspect was already determined by the KPK. "It was offside and this had just happened," Hery explained in a discussion about Golkar Dynamics Post Social Change on Saturday (25/8) / 2018) in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Hery stated that there had never been anyone to claim a suspect for an official statement from a law enforcement agency dealing with his case.

"This has just happened, it has not yet been officially established but has already been transferred, which means that it must be prepared," he explained.

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It is known, Friday (08/24/2018) night, the new KPK officially announced the determination of the defendant Idrus Marhan, former social minister. While Idrus boasted to be a suspect since the afternoon.

The suspect's announcement was directly announced by the vice-president of the KPK, Basaria Panjaitan accompanied by KPK spokesperson, Febri Diansyah.

Basaria said that the suspiciousness of the suspect in Idrus was the development of a Hand Catch Operation (OTT) on Friday (07/13/2018) in the home of Idrus Marham.

The investigation process was then carried out and two suspects were determined, namely Eni Maulani saragi (EMS) member of the Committee of House of Representatives VII and Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo, private individual, shareholder of Blackgold Natural Resources Limited.

"During the investigation into the KPK there were a number of new facts and sufficient preliminary evidence in the form of witness statements, letters and instructions, so that a new investigation was carried out dated 21 August 2018 by one suspect, IM (Idrus Marham). In this case, three suspects were processed KPK, "claimed Basaria.

Basaria continued that Idrus Marham was suspected that together with the suspect Eni a gift or promise had been received from Johanes Budisutrisno, the shareholder of BNR (Blackgold Natural Resources Limited) in connection with the agreement on a cooperation contract for the construction of PLTU Riau- 1.

As a fulfillment of one of the rights of the suspect, continued Basaria, researchers on Thursday (23-08-2018) sent a suspicious notification to Idrus Marham.

For his actions, Idrus Marham would refer to Article 12 (a) or Article 12 (b) or Article 11 of Law No 31 of 1999, as amended by Law No 20 of 2001 on the eradication of corruption in Juncta, Article 55 (1) of have violated the penal code or Article 56 2nd KUHPJuncto Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Penal Code.

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