Democrats Disappointed Bawaslu Pass About Ex Corruptor Candidates

JAKARTA, – Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Party Didi Irawadi said his party was very disappointed by the decision of the election body (Bawaslu), which has adopted a number of legislative candidates (candidates) with the status of former convicts of cases of corruption.

"Do we really lack good people to occupy the honorable seats of elected representatives?" Didi said in his written statement on Saturday (08/01/2018).

Didi judges, the General Election Commission Regulation (KPU) Number 20 of 2018, which prohibits former prisoners of corruption, terrorism and drug cases from becoming candidates, is right. He was of the opinion that the three categories of former prisoners were unsuitable and not worthy of being candidates.

"There are still many good people and people who are not problematic, who are more suited to a respectable council president," said Didi, who is also a member of the House of Representatives.

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Amidst the poor performance of the DPR and continuing to improve himself, he considered it a good idea not to be added to the emergence of a polemic of former corrupt prisoners.

"Do not pretend this country lacks good people, so it seems to be sold out for noble and honorable positions as representatives of the people to all, even former prisoners of serious crimes," he said.

According to Didi there is no other way, Bawaslu must immediately cancel the corrupt candidates. If not, the good name of Bawaslu will be a gamble amidst deep public criticism and disappointment about corruption that still reigns supreme.

Bawaslu previously passed a number of former corrupts to become 2019 candidates. They came from Aceh, North Toraja, North Sulawesi, Pare-Pare, Rembang and Bulukumba, and finally from DKI Jakarta.

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During the registration period, the former sellers were declared ineligible by the KPU (TMS).

But the people filed a dispute with the Bawaslu and the local Panwaslu. The results of the dispute state that they are eligible (MS).

Bawaslu has passed ex-corruption prisoners as bacaleg on the grounds that they are guided by the electoral law, not by PKPU number 20 of 2018. The electoral law does not prohibit former ex-prisoners from becoming legislative candidates.

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