Discussion plans in Babylon Get Rejection, Ratna Sarumpaet: This is clearly a violation of the constitution

BANGKAPOS.COM–Ratna Sarumpaet condemned the rejection of the discussion forum held on Saturday (08/25/2018) in the afternoon in Pangkalpinang, on the Bangka Belitung Islands.

According to Ratna, this is a constitutional offense. This was transferred on Saturday afternoon during a press conference in Kong Djie Coffee.

Ratna Sarumpaet, chairman of the National Preservation Movement for Indonesia (GSI), was disappointed that the discussion plan was not being held by the GSI Bangka Belitung Islands.

A number of organizations rejected the discussion plan to be attended by speakers like Ratna Sarumpaet and Rocky Gerung.

Earlier a group of people from the Yudha Putra PPM regiment organized an action for Depati Amir Airport with a rejection banner on Saturday (08/25/2018) afternoon.

"This is clearly a constitutional violation, because discussing is legally protected. We only discuss and exchange ideas, in addition to GSI members we invite only 200 mothers to exchange ideas," Ratna said.

"What's wrong with this discussion, because we only talked about problems that occurred in Bangka Belitung," said GSI Babel chairman Muhammad Amin.

According to Amin, this was a blind and excessive rejection, because GSI Babylon only conducted discussions.

"Bangka Belitung is the first area and will be a case study, we will not stop and will continue to conduct this discussion in 33 provinces in Indonesia", said Ratna.

According to the plan, similar discussions will take place next week in Pelembang, Jambi and Bengkulu. Ratna Sarumpaet also promised to return to Bangka Belitung for this delayed discussion.

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