DIY Polda apologizes for photos of three policemen on the wreck of the shark

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANTUL – Three members of the police received scathing criticism from Warganet after being caught in front of the camera while delivering a dead shark carcass yesterday on Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul on Monday (08/27/2018).

On the photo 's that are in circulation, it seems that the three still wear official uniforms.

There are two people standing in a squatting position at the head of the spotted shark and holding a thumb up.

The three also looked smiling.

This photo spreads viral on various social media platforms to the whatsapp instant messaging service.

In connection with this, the DIY Regional Police made an apology via her official Twitter account.

"With regard to the incident, our three members caught in front of the camera had a chance to climb the dead spotted shark, our apologies, there was no specific purpose for the incident," said the tweet.

Sharks Separately from the herd
The Natural Resources Conservation Center confirmed that the spotted shark that was stranded on Parangkusumo Beach, Bantul, DIY, Monday (27-08-2018) was dead.

Sharks are thought to have been stranded because they are sick and separated from the herd.

"We check, the condition is dead, the cause of the strain is suspected because he was rather weak, sick and separated from the group," said veterinarian BKSDA DIY, Dr. Yuni Tita Sari at after an investigation.

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