Drug affairs, BNN searches the house of Nasdem politician in Langkat

BNN develops the drugs cases of Ibrahim in money laundering offenses.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) developed a drug-based member of Langkat DPRD, North Sumatra and Ibrahim Hasan in the direction of money laundering (TPPU). This development was carried out with searches to investigate the wealth of the Nasdem party politician.

"To thoroughly investigate the movable or immovable property of the goods concerned, the TPPU team started the house yesterday and looked for ibrahim assets," said BNN Deputy for Narcotics Eradication Inspector General Arman Depari, Wednesday (8/22) .

The search was carried out in Aceh and in Langkat to be investigated. BNN will use the Money Laundering Act.

Arman revealed that Ibrahim had admitted in his investigation that he had not smuggled drugs at all. According to Arman Ibrahim had repeatedly smuggled methamphetamine from Malaysia to Indonesia by sea.

"Finally he brought himself shabu from Malaysia with a weight of 55 kilos in mid-July," Arman said.

At that time the movement of Ibrahim had been smelled and haunted by BNN members. Ibrahim was later lost in the village around Pangkalan Susu.

"Ibrahim's statement when chased by a 55-kilogram member of the National Narcotics Body was taken by the car and he himself became the driver, so he escaped the chase," he explained.

Ibrahim as the owner of the deadly illegal goods was charged with Article 114, paragraph 2 of Act No. 35 of 2009 on narcotics. In the case of an offer to be sold, sold, purchased, to be an intermediary in buying and selling, exchanging, handing over or receiving Narcotics Group I that weighs more than one kilogram, the offender may be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or the shortest term of imprisonment of six years and a maximum of 20 years.

Earlier, Ibrahim Hasan was arrested by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) because on Sunday (28/8) he was involved in the circulation of narcotics in Aceh and North Sumatra. Besides Ibrahim, the National Narcotics Agency also arrested six other people who reportedly helped distribute the illegal goods. They are, Ibrahim alias Jampok, Rinaldi, A. Rahman, Joko and Amat.

The evidence seized by the National Narcotics Agency included blue wooden boats, three jute bags with reportedly narcotic drugs, 30,000 ecstasy pills, a black Fortuner with 5 BK IH and Rp1,550,000 cash and mobile phones.

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