Eko & # 39; s house appeared contracted and there was an entrance

Report from the Tribun Jabar Journalist, Anwari Syarif Pulloh

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANDUNG – The besieged rented house of Eko, which had the chance to viralise, appeared to have access to the place.

One of his neighbors, Rahmat, right in front of the house of Eko, gave access to the road of about one meter.

Rahmat said the door was made in 2016, along with the construction of his house.

"I made it aware because I still have a social feeling, I still have humanity," said Rahmat when he was met by Tribun Jabar at home on Tuesday (18/09/2018).

From the observation of Tribun Jabar, the only access road to the house of Eko could be reached through the house of Rahmat. The house of Eko is located directly behind the house of Rahmat.

The door was about a meter and a half long and about a meter wide.

Rahmat confirmed that Eko & # 39; s house was rented, while Eko himself lived elsewhere.

"Eko does not live here, it is rented out," said Rahmat.

Meanwhile, Rahmat stressed that his party had good intentions to buy Eko's house, but the Eko party did not have good faith. (*)

This article is published in the tribunjabar.id with the title Rumah Pak Eko Apparently has access, Pak Rahmat: I Still Have Humanity

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