Emotions, then Hit drivers until they are killed, owners of the cat factory become murder suspects

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SOLO – The cause of the death of Eko Prasetio (28), the motorcycle involved in an accident with the driver of the Mercedes Benz nopoly AD 888 QQ on Jalan KS Tubun, was revealed right next to Mapolresta Solo, Wednesday (8/22).

The incident that killed Eko was no ordinary accident. The driver of Mercy, Iwan Adranacus (40) would have accidentally hit Eko. Iwan is an owner of a paint factory in Karanganyar, Solo.

The reason, Iwan was emotional because a few moments before the incident, his car was kicked by Eko on the highway.

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A bright spot on the cause of Eko & # 39; s death was revealed by the Wakasatreskrim Polresta Solo, AKP Sutoyo, Thursday (23/8).

AKP Sutoyo explained that Iwan and his three friends who had boarded a black Mercy car had lunch at the time before the incident in the restaurant Adem Ayem Jalan Slamet Riyadi Solo.

After lunch, the four returned to Iwan's home in the Solo Supeno Minister Street district. To reach his house, the car passed the route of the Nongko Solo Market.

"Arrived at Bangjo (red light) Jalan RM Said, after the market, squabble with the motorist Eko Prasetio because the Mercy car is considered to block Eko's motorcycle, as far as Eko kicked the car", explained he out.

Not accepted, one of Iwan Adranacus's friends went down and hit Eko's helmet on RM Said Street. But the situation dropped when the car and motorcycle broke up.

AKP Sutoyo said that the grace car continued its journey. The three friends of Iwan were brought back to the house of Iwan near the Minister Supeno Street or around the Manahan Stadium. The plan is for Iwan to take his friends in the afternoon to Adi Soemarmo Boyolali Airport.

But again, Eko driving a Honda Beat AD 5435 engine approached the Mercy Iwan car parked on the side of the road. Eko then kicked the car.

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