Execute illegal charges, police officers of Banten regional police are protected

AKP A asked Rp. 100 million for a scrap dealer.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Task Force for cleaning up wild animals (Saber Pungli Task Force) arrests police officers in charge of Banten police station. The person named AKP A was called to ask Rp 100 million money in a gradual manner from PT Karya Sumber Daya, a company with an iron ship leaning on a PT jet. Indah Kiat, Merak Banten.

The head of the operations of the Tim Saber Pungli of the coordinating ministry for political, legal and security matters Colonel Czi Kun Wardana said by his statement that Saber Pungli had received information that extortion took place in July 2018 when an inspection of the owner of the scrap dealer PT KSD took place. The ship would have committed a lean violation and carried out loading and unloading in its place.

"In this case, the owner of the goods has been asked for Rp 100 million by AKP A," Kun said.

Kun explained, the transfer of money was done in stages via the account number that was given to the owner of the item. Police Chief of Professionals and Security Division Brigadier General Police Listyo Sigit stressed that there were allegations of abuse of authority committed by the AKP A, the Banten Police Regional Pray Propam, he said, had already conducted a study.

"I request a deepening by the regional police commander of Banten, and if violations are immediately investigated thoroughly and penalties against the person are given," Listyo said in a brief message.

The chronology of the event, after the investigation in July and then on August 21, 2018, carried PT KSD again scrap to be disassembled in the port of Merak. However, KSOP Merak did not dare to grant permission to build on the grounds that PT KSD first had to request permission from Dir Polair, in this case only for scrap dealers.

Then representatives of PT. KSD, who had a meeting with the Bantenpolitie, was asked for money with a Rp count. 50 / kg scrap that was transported, and Rp. 15 / kg specifically for the AKP A. PT however. KSD objected to the request, so that it reported.

Furthermore, the results of the deepening of the report were submitted and coordinated with the Banten UPP. Then there was an interrogation of witnesses and AKP A, who allegedly had extortion carried out by the Bod Propam of the Provincial Police of Banten.

"Then UPP Banten and KSOP Merak coordinated the process of mooring and loading and unloading ships that were not allowed by the person of Dit Polaire Banten", said the chairman of Banten UPP, who was also the regional police of regional police authorities. Pol Tomex Kurniawan in his statement.

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