Fadli Zon asks unpaid bonus athletes

2018 Asian games: Fadli Sun asks for unpaid bonus athletes
The Indonesian wushu athlete Lindswell Kwok won the gold medal in the Asian Games of 2018 in Jakarta on Monday (08/20/2018). – Antara / Ismar Patrizki

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Vice-President of the House of Representatives Fadli Sun urged the government to immediately pay bonuses to outstanding athletes in the Asian Games of 2018 as promised before the implementation of the biggest sports festival in Asia had ended.

"Do not be put off, do not let the incident report that the bonus is paid in installments, it's about their sweat is not dry, but has not yet been paid," he said in an official statement on Friday (31-08-2018) ).

Fadli explained that the timely payout of bonuses will increase the enthusiasm of athletes to continue to excel. In addition, the performance of the athlete medals is also clear.

"So hurry up, those who get gold are clear." The bonus will be paid as a form of direct appreciation for the athletes, "he said.

Until Friday night the contingent Asian Games Indonesia collected 93 medals with 30 gold medals, 23 silver medals and 40 bronze medals. That achievement brought Indonesia fourth in the rankings for medal collections, under China, Japan and South Korea.

Fadli Sun claimed to be proud of the performances of the athletes during the Asian Games of 2018. He considered their seriousness and efforts as a tool to increase the position of Indonesia in the eyes of Asian countries.

"And we certainly congratulate the athletes who have brought the fragrant name Indonesia on the podium of the most prestigious event in Asia," he said.

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