Fadli zones Suspicious ILC Conducted by author – VIVA

VIVA – Geradra group chairman, Fadli Zon, responded to the absence of an Indonesian advocate club (ILC) program on tvOne. He suspected that the ILC had also been executed by the authorities.

"Well, perhaps ILC was also carried out by telephone by the authorities Last night I was contacted as one of the #rezimpanik narars," Fadli said via his Twitter account @fadlizon

Via the ILC account on Twitter there should be a discussion tonight. However, due to technical limitations, the ILC is re-issuing the discussion about the # ILC question.

"To the faithful viewers of the ILC, apologies for the technical problems, we indicate that today, 28 August 2018, for the time being #ILC is not broadcasting, you see on the coming ILC," said the account.

At this moment the 2019 movement is in order. The president becomes a polemic. The reason is that the movement received a lot of rejection in a number of regions. (Ase)

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