Former commissioner reveals 4 & # 39; Dosa & # 39; Bawaslu

JAKARTA, – Former commissioner of the election organ (Bawaslu) Wahidah Syuaib called the four sins & # 39; from Bawaslu regarding the non-compliance with the General Election Commission Regulation (PKPU) number 20 of 2018 concerning Nomination.

As a result, 12 legislative candidates who were former corruption convicts were accepted as candidates for 2019 candidates.

the first place, if the electoral committee is of the opinion that the electoral commission is not in accordance with Act No. 7 of 2017 regarding the election or is not in accordance with human rights, the election body must submit a judicial review to the Supreme Court (MA). However, this was not done by Bawaslu.

"It's fine to doubt (about the PKPU). But why not use their right to test the case at the Supreme Court?" If you want to, you must submit it, "Wahidah said in a political discussion in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Sunday (09/02/2018),

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In second place, Bawaslu had previously taken the initiative to form an integrity pact with political parties that participated in the 2019 elections.

Its contents, political parties are determined not to propose a legacy of former prisoners of war.

According to Wahidah, the existence of the Integrity Pact has indirectly shown that Bawaslu acknowledged PKPU, which banned the former from becoming a candidate legislator for former corruption prisons.

"Where does the initiative make an integrity pact, if not from PKPU?" he said.

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third, Bawaslu made a mistake by accepting the dispute of potential candidates who were declared unauthorized by the KPU (TMS) because it was hampered by the status of former prisoners of corruption.

The electoral assistance agency presumably rejected the submission of the dispute because of an integrity pact.

"In fact, when the political party has filed a bad lawsuit, it is clear that you (political parties / lawyers) have violated the integrity pact, this has not happened," Wahidah explained.

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fourth, in the document on the decision on the dispute over the nomination, Bawaslu, who endured twelve counts of ex-prisoners of corruption, did not mention PKPU that regulates the ban on former prisoners of war in order to become legislative candidates.

In fact, the PKPU prohibits former ex-prisoners of corruption from registering as legal candidates.

Of the four errors of the Bawaslu, Wahidab said, Bawaslu had violated the rules. Because Bawaslu ignores legal rules.

A total of 12 balacegs of former prisoners of corruption were passed by Bawaslu. They come from Bulukumba, Palopo, DKI Jakarta, East Belitung, Mamuju and Tojo Una-Una, Aceh, North Toraja, North Sulawesi, Rembang and Pare-Pare.

During the bacalegistration period they were declared ineligible by the KPU (TMS).

Then they filed a dispute about the registration with the Bawaslu and the local Panwaslu. The result of the dispute states that all meet the requirements (MS)

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