Four judges and two registrars – VIVA

VIVA – The Corruption Eradication Commission carried out an arrest or OTT operation on Tuesday afternoon 28 August 2018 against a number of judges and clerks in the Medan district court in North Sumatra.

The head of the Public Relations Department of the Medan district court, Erintuah Damanik, confirmed the news. However, he was reluctant to provide detailed information about the arrested judge and court clerk.

"Yes, you know, but I do not know what matters." The KPK arrived around 8:30 PM this morning, "said Erintuah Damanik to reporters at the Medan District Court office.

Based on information obtained VIVAthere were four judges at the court in Medan who were arrested, namely Marsudin Nainggolan (chairman), Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo (vice-chairman), Sontan Marauke (member judge) and Merry Purba (member judge). Two clerks were netted, namely Oloan Sirait and Elfanfi.

The six people have been detained by the KPK team. "The Sontan and Merry desks are sealed (by the KPK). They have been taken to the headquarters of the regional police of North Sumatra," Erintuah said, leaving the journalists behind. (Sparrow)

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