From fish deaths in Lake Toba it is thought that waste comes to the surface – The government of the Samosir district, North Sumatra and related agencies are still investigating the causes of massive fish deaths in Lake Toba. A temporary suspicion, the incident was caused by changes in temperature and waste in the waters.

The Secretary of the Office of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of Samosir Regency, as well as the acting chief of fisheries, Jhunelis Sinaga, said that the death of millions of fish was not due to viruses. Temporary estimates, changes in temperature of the bottom of the water cause upwelling, water from the bottom to the surface. The movement brings waste from the bottom of the lake, making the fish shortage of oxygen.

"A temporary suspicion, dirt on the bottom or waste rises to the surface," said Jhunelis, Thursday (8/23).

According to him, the rising dirt is household, hotel or pesticide waste. "I do not think the rest of the feed is available, because the business people use floating feed here, not the type that drowns," he explained.

Based on the temporary calculation, the losses due to massive mortality of fish in Pangururan are estimated at Rp. 4 billion. The number of dead fish is estimated at 180 tons with the size ready to harvest.

He explained that 140 fish cages were hit by this massive death. "There are 21 owners of this cage," he explained.

As you know, it is estimated that millions of fish in cages in Lake Toba, Pangururan, Samosir, have died since Wednesday (8/22) in the morning. The massive death of these fish contributes to the length of similar events in Lake Toba.

In 2004, it was found that fish in the Haranggaol region lost mass as a result of the koi-ves virus. Then, in May 2016, more than 1,000 tons of fish died, but they were not aware of the disease. In early 2017 there were also massive fish deaths in Tongging and Silalahi. [eko]

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