Gatot Nurmatyo becomes the national team leader of Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf Amin? – VIVA

VIVA – The coalition of supporters of presidential and vice-presidential candidate Joko Widodo-Ma & # 39; ruf Amin welcomed the support of volunteer Gatot Nurmantyo.

PDI-P Secretary-General, Hasto Kristiyanto, said that the support of the volunteers was a new force for the winning team.

"This is a very good step, because it is the job of the campaign team to find people who have a commitment," Hasto said in Rumah Cemara Post, Jakarta Friday, August 24, 2018.

But Hasto said that the discourse for Gatot as the head of the national campaign team (TKN) was still not definitive.

He did not justify or deny, the name Gatot became one of the proposed candidates, as declared by PPP president Romahurmuziy.

"But with regard to the head of the TKN we gave it to Pak Jokowi and Kiai Maruf," he said.

Earlier, Romahumurziy or Rommy suggested the name of former TNI commander Gatot Nurmantyo as the leader of the national campaign team.

According to Rommy, the figure of Gatot was indeed needed to become the team of Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf Amin. He even thought that Gatot could strengthen the vote in next year's elections.

"Of course, all national figures of our nation are considered including Mr. Gatot," said Rommy at the KPK office, Kuningan Persada, Jakarta Tuesday, Thursday, August 23, 2018.

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