Gerebek Proststitution Police acts as a coffee shop in Tangerang

TANGERANG KABUPATEN, – Policemen from the Rajeg sub-district police, Tangerang Regency, invaded a prostitution place on Monday (08/27/2018) at 2 am under the guise of a coffee shop at Jalan Kukun, Mekarsari Village.

The police caught a few lovers who were deepened in making a stall box, E (34) and K (30).

"Open the store from day to night. & # 39; In the afternoon there are also prostitution practices held because of the stall while ngopi(open) until the early hours of the morning, "said Rajeg Police Chief AKP Bambang Supeno when he contacted Monday evening.

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The raid was carried out after the police received reports from surrounding communities that there were busy women dressed in sexy clothes.

Then the police came to the location and found a couple of lovers and shop owner, YR (45).

Based on the shop owner's information, the site has been in use for three months. In addition to opening a stall, the owner also offers commercial sex workers (CSWs).

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"The rate is at least Rp 200,000 It has been a long time ago (with sex workers), the name is also" mami "It is known and offered to join him," Bambang said.

Bambang said, there were no Rajeg residents in this incident and only found a woman from Pandeglang.

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