Gerindra: Alhamdulillah, we are grateful that the alleged Mahar is not right

JAKARTA, – Deputy Secretary-General of the Gerindra party, Andre Rosiade, judged that the decision of the election control authority (Bawaslu), which investigates allegations of giving political dowry by Sandiaga Uno to the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) stopped, was correct.

This statement was conveyed by André following the decision of Bawaslu found no election violations related to claiming political dowry from vice presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno regarding the nomination in 2019 presidential election.

"Alhamduliah, we are grateful that Bawaslu stated that the alleged dowry was incorrect," Andre said when he contacted, Friday (31-08-2018).

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Initially, accusations of political dowry were rolled out by Democrat Party politician Andi Arief.

Andre said, the alleged dowry reported from the beginning to Bawaslu was not proven.

"Seems like everything it is not will meet. Well if Bawaslu said that the dowry was not proven because there was no dowry, "André said.

Stop the supposed dowry case

Bawaslu had previously decided not to find any election violations in connection with the so-called political dowry of Sandiaga Uno to PAN and PKS with regard to the nomination of the 2019 presidential election.

"Against the principle report number 01 / LP / PP / RI / 00.00 / VIII / 2018 which states that a reward in the form of money by Sandiaga Uno to PAN and PKS in the process of appointing the president and vice president could not be legally proven, "said the chairman Bawaslu Abhan in his official statement on Friday.

Abhan explained that this decision was based on a survey of a number of witnesses submitted by the reporter, vice-chairman of the NGO United Indonesia Federation Frits Bramy Daniel.

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Bawaslu said that one witness, deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Party Andi Arief, could not hear his statement because he had not twice met Bawaslu's invitation.

"The absence of Andi Arief fulfilled Bawaslu's invitation not to clarify the reported report about the event to give money to PKS and PAN," he said.

Abhan added, Andi is the only source of information from the reporter.

In addition, Abhan said his proofs such as clippings, screen shots and videos that have been submitted to Bawaslu by the reporter also prove that require additional information to support the evidence.

Abhan revealed that the evidence must be excluded.

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