Get carried away by a case of extortion of SIM, the police commander of Kediri is threatened with fired, allegedly Rp. 50 million per week Reporter, Vincent Jyestha

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, JAKARTA – Head of the Propam department of the police Brigadier General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo confirmed the truth of professional and ethical violations of Kediri Police Chief AKBP ER.

Listyo said it was proven that AKBP ER was involved in a case of alleged illegal charges at the Kediri Police Station.

As far as the action is concerned, the person concerned is threatened with sanctions, ranging from relegation to dismissal non-respectful (PTDH).

"Yes, it has been proven that the police commissioner (AKBP ER) has dealt with professional and ethical violations. We will continue the process for professional violations," said Listyo, then confirmed on Tuesday (08/21/2018).

"We propose the position to be evaluated and the actions that we will carry out because it is in violation of the profession and ethical code with sanctions ranging from degradation to PTDH," he continued.

Listyo said that this was a lesson for other members to do nothing that would harm the institution of the Bhayangkara Corps.

According to him, the people who carried out this extortion were only a few people.

However, most of the members of the National Police who work to serve the community properly are actually harmed by the actions of these persons.

"So it can damage everyone's performance because a few others are bad," he said.

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