Goat or cow meat, what is healthy?

Goat or cow meat, what is healthy? - JPNN.COM

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jpnn.com – Sheep and beef are the most important prima donna, especially when Iduladha arrives. Yes, the two types of off-meat are often processed in different tasty dishes to celebrate the moment of Hajj Lebaran.

Unfortunately, not a few people hesitate to consume both. This is because mutton and beef are said to be able to invite a large number of health problems. Starting with high cholesterol, uric acid, high blood pressure or hypertension.

Mutton and beef

A total of 100 grams of beef offers approximately 217 calories with 4.2 grams of fat. Meanwhile, 100 grams of mutton contains 258 calories with 8.8 grams of fat.

Obviously, the fat content in sheep meat is indeed higher than that of cows. However, fat in mutton is more easily separated during processing. This is certainly different from beef, where the fat is in the meat fibers (marbling), so it is more difficult to separate when it is processed.

Not only that, goat meat is also known to have a higher protein content, so it does not disappear easily when it is cooked. On the contrary, beef contains mediocre protein quality, so that the incorrect cooking process can eliminate this nutritional value. In addition, beef is also more difficult to digest than mutton.

Sheep has a higher folate content than beef. Mutton also contains vitamin K and D which does not have beef.

What is healthier then?

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