Gunduli of home workers suspected of stealing, this employer becomes a suspect

BOGOR – After twelve hours of investigation, the police finally identified Emmanual Alvino (37) as a suspect.
Emmanual was called a suspect in the case of abuse of his former assistant, Magfiroh (28).

Bogor Police Chief, AKBP Andi M Dicky Pastika told reporters after securing President Joko Widodo during Eid al-Adha prayers in the field Tegar Believers Cibinong, Bogor Regency Wednesday (22-08-2018) said, in addition to settling suspects, also a number of evidence seized in this case,

"The evidence we have used is 1 unit from the Suzuki Ertiga brand, 1 Polytron black cell phone, 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 + cell phone, and 1 brand WAHL shaver. The proof of this cell phone has a victim has been confiscated by a suspect, "said Bogor Police Chief AKBP AM Dicky Pastika Gading.

The police also confiscated Emmanuel's phone. On the mobile phone there was a video recording when Magfiroh was shaved in a hair shaving center in Parung Panjang, Bogor Regency.

"In the mobile phone, the defendant has a documentation video of the prosecution," he explained.

A car unit of Emmanuel Suzuki Ertiga was also confiscated by the police. "The car was used to transport victims of Parung Panjang to the suspect's home in South Tangerang," he continued.

Emmanuel had the heart to persecute Magfiroh on suspicion of stealing Rp 1.5 million in his house when Magfiroh worked for him as a servant. Magfiroh worked only a week and then fled from the employer's home.

Alleged theft took place in mid-July 2018 and was reported to the police station of Pondok Aren.

The police station at Pondok Aren does not have enough evidence that Magfiroh has committed the theft.

Not enough to report to the police, the former employer then sought Magfiroh in his parents' house in Parung Panjang, Bogor Regency.

Until August 10, 2018, Emmanuel found Magfiroh in a convection house in Parung Panjang, Bogor, and immediately went to him.

Emmanuel came with three men, took Magfiroh to a hairdresser.

In this salon the defendant Emmanuel told the hairdresser to cut the hair of Magfiroh into baldness.

In addition, Emmanuel took him to his home in Pondok Aren, South Tangerang.

Magfiroh successfully escaped that same day at the police station of Parung Panjang.

This case later became viral in social media in the last few days after Magfiroh & # 39; s video was distributed on social media. South Tangerang District Police and Bogor District Police have handled the case.

The defendant was accused of violating Articles 365 and / or 352 of the Criminal Code. He was arrested on the way as he left for his friend's house.

"Right at Jalan Raya Parung, Parung Sub-District, Bogor Regency, direct members make a forced attempt to arrest suspects in a car," said AKBP Dicky. (yopi / tri)

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