Haunted Drugs Ibrahim Hasan Fired from Pertai NasDem, dismissed as a board member

Report from the Medan tribunal journalist / Dedy Kurniawan

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com, LANGKAT The Board of Directors of the NasDem Central Executive has officially dismissed Ibrahim Hasan as a NasDem party member and member of the Langkat Regency Nasdem Faction DPRD.

This is in accordance with Decision No. 100 -KK / DPP-NasDem / VIII / 2018, this decision is effective from the date of stipulation in Jakarta, August 21, 2018, signed by the General Chairman Nas Surya Paloh and Secretary General Johhny G Plate.

Ibrahim Hasan aka Ibrahim Hong Kong has been appointed by the Central BNN along with six of his colleagues as suspected drug traffickers. The National Narcotics Agency dismantles this international drug syndicate with evidence of 105 kg sabusabu and 30,000 blue ecstasy tablets.

In the decision, the consideration of the DPP NasDem to remove Ibrahim Hasan after a proposal from the Regional Representative of North Sumatra, Ibrahim Hasan was caught by the BNN in the alleged narcotics department, Ibrahim was considered a violation of the AD and NasDem Party RT, discipline and condemnation.

This is the part that the NasDem fights, fights, uses and places on the market with narcotics. So he sentenced him to resignation as a member of NasDem and a member of the NasDem Langkat faction against Ibrahim Hasan. This decision was handed over to the person concerned by the DPW of the NasdaM party in North Sumatra and the NasDem Langkat DPD.

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Chairman of the Regional Representative Council of the Regional Representative Council of Langkat Regency Ajai Ismail aka Acai confirmed the existence of a letter from the DPP regarding the resignation of Ibrahim Hasan. Responding to the decree, he said, he would immediately take action in line with the letter of resignation from the DPD of the NasDem party.

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"Yes, Ibrahim Hong Kong has been fired by the Party and we have received the resignation letter. We will be succeeded by PAW (Substitution of Time) as a member of the Langkat DPRD, and that requires a process," Ajai said.

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In addition to the resignation as a member of NasDem and Langkat DPRD, Acai said he had visited the KPU. This is to recall the candidacy of Ibrahim as Bacaleg NasDem in 2019 Pileg.

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"We visited KPU Langkat to process the withdrawal of Ibrahim from the candidate list." When we were in the KPU, we were received by Mohammed Khair, a member of the KPU, and according to him, the KPU will wait for the legal process of Ibrahim in Hong Kong to have permanent legal power. "

Acai explained, his party transferred to Langkat KPU, that the case Ibrahim Hong Kong was really involved in the possession and distribution of narcotics.

"Because the BNN arrested him, we as leader of the Nasdem Langkat party, an extension of the DPP party NasDem, asked Ibrahim to be removed from DCS because he no longer represented the NasDem, no party that carried it was a legislative candidate, but Khair told us to make a report or public contribution regarding the legal conditions of Ibrahim Hong Kong, and KPU Langkat will follow the community's complaints, "the president said. the NasDem party of Langkat Regency.

KPU Commissioner Muhammad Khair was confirmed to justify the arrival of the chairman of the DPD of the NasDem Langkat party to the KPU Langkat office in connection with DCS Ibrahim Hasan.

"We have transferred the things that changed DCS, related to waiting for public input," said Muhammad Khair.

(Dyk / tribun-medan.com)

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