Healthy Walk Neno Warisman – Ahmad Dhani Act, Solo Residents Do not Want Sports Political Contents

Banners rejecting politically charged sports activities are not just from Solo residents as a place for healthy walking activities

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) of Surakarta City receives the aspirations of a number of residents who reject the 2018 Muslim Healthy Walk activities presented by Ahmad Dhani and Neno Warisman in the Field of West City Solo on November 9th.

NOW Branch Manager (PCNU) Surakarta City Hilmi Ahmad Sakdillah, in Solo, Saturday (01/09/2018), said his party received aspirations from a number of Solo residents, both orally and in writing.

They judge that the sporting activities are politically charged and can disturb the peace in this city.

Several banners were developed on a number of points, including Simpang Empat Kandangsapi, Mojosongo petrol station, Komplang bridge, Simpang Lima Banjarsari, Damri Bus Garage, Simpang Empat Sangkrah, Depok Bird Market and Kampung Sewu Embankment Market.

In fact, a number of expressions of refusal arose not only from residents of Solo as a place for the execution of healthy road activities, but many other residents outside the city responded to the refusal of the activity.

That is why NOW residents in Solo and the surrounding areas immediately held a coordination meeting to determine their attitude in Solo, Sunday (09/02/2018).

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His party does not want the atmosphere in Solo to be disturbed by a handful of people who can distribute citizens.

"We are neutral and do not give anyone the right, but if there are parties that disturb the peace of the citizens of Solo, this must be addressed," said Hilmi Ahmad Sakdillah.

According to him, from the results of the statement of attitudes by the Solo PCNU and its environment, it was immediately sent to the police station and Kodim, as well as copies to the regent and mayor of Surakarta.

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