How to cook goat meat not to smell and difficult, there are 6 simpler ways

TRIBUNJABAR.ID – One of the challenges in the processing of goat meat is the smell of fish and prengus in meat.

Although processed mutton can be enjoyed with a delicious taste.

Goat meat is one of the most consumed sources of animal protein by Indonesian people in addition to chicken and beef.

Especially in the time of Eid al-Adha today.

The & # 39; meat feast & # 39; tradition is deeply embedded in Indonesian society.

Usually off-meat is processed into curry, saté, tongseng and much more.

In addition to high protein, mutton also contains other nutrients that are useful for the body, such as fat, calories, cholesterol and iron.

The texture and taste of mutton is delicious and delicious when processed and how to prepare mutton in the right way.

Indeed, the main weakness of this food is the characteristic smell of goat prengus.

If the method of processing goat meat is not good, eating meat will also be tough and not soft.

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