"I am not a thief, but I do not believe, I am burned with cigarettes"

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– Younger victims of persecution, Ali Achmat Fiarmansyah aka Iyan claimed to have been beaten many times and accused of being thieved by a number of suspected security officers at Banteng Square, Central Jakarta, Saturday (08/18/2018).

"Yes (beaten), I was not a thief, but the person did not believe it. I was burned with cigarettes like this, I was suspected of being a thief," said Iyan when he was met after being asked for information at the headquarters of the police in Central Jakarta, Monday (08/20/2018),

Stubbornly, Iyan said he was beaten many times because he had not admitted that he was a thief. People who beat him said Iyan that the Rp.4.4 million he was packing was the result of stealing in the Banteng Square area.

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Because he did not confess, Iyan continued to be beaten until his whole face was bruised and swollen.

Iyan also claimed to be dragged, cuffed to a bench on Banteng Square.

"I am not a thief, I do not take money, it only collects aqua bottles and boxes, if there is a picture of the person, I remember it," said Iyan.

Brother Iyan, Sari said, the millions of rupees that Iyan had in the bag came from his hard work by collecting plastic bottles, cardboard, and wages to help people when they moved.

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Sari said, Iyan was very rare to spend money from his hard work. All the money he earns is saved. All needs, including snacks, are still worn by the family. The money was usually taken by Iyan while walking. The trauma that he had lost money in his house.

"If you want snacks, you still ask me, he is traumatized by losing money when he is kept at home," Sari said.

Iyan was sued on Lapangan Banteng last Saturday. The family found Iyan at the Bina Insan Bangun Daya Social Institution, Jalan Kembangan Raya, West Jakarta. He has left home since Friday (08/17/2018).

The families were shocked when they saw the condition of Iyan, who was dealing with bruises on his face and cigarette butt injuries all over the body. The Iyan family reported the incident to the Central Jakarta District Police.

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