ICW: Bawaslu Not dependent on the presence of Andi Arief Making recommendations for alleged Mahar politics Sandiaga

Report on Tribunnews.com Journalist Srihandriatmo Malau

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) encourages the general election supervisory body (Bawaslu) to deal more actively with the problem of the dowry of Sandiaga Uno to PKS and PAN, each for an amount of Rp. 500 billion.

This was stated by Investigator of the Political Corruption Department of the Corruption Watch (ICW) Almas Shafrina in a written statement to the media on Sunday (26-08-2018).

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"Bawaslu should not consider the absence of Andi Arief, the party that calls the dowry of Sandiaga Uno to PKS and PAN, as a major obstacle," he said.

ICW recalled that article 24 paragraph 6 of Perbawaslu number 7 of 2018 stipulates that if the summoned party is not present for clarification, the election observer will conduct an investigation on the basis of the available evidence.

That is to say, he argued that Bawaslu was not dependent on the presence of the summoned party, namely Andi Arief, to make studies, conclusions and recommendations to the police to investigate the case.

"We urge the Indonesian electoral body to thoroughly deal with allegations of political dowry in the appointment of the Vice President, so that this case no longer drags and evaporates, as does the alleged political dowry in the 2015, 2017 and 2018 elections. ," he said.

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Known, Andi did not repeat the call to Bawaslu on Friday (08/24/2018).

The reason, the former SBY staff was outside the city. Bawaslu requested clarification from Andi Arief regarding the issue of the dowry of Sandiaga Uno to PKS and PAN, each good for Rp. 500 billion.

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