Idrus Marham encourages Eni Maulani to accept Rp 6.2 billion

JAKARTA, – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) called former social minister Idrus Marham as a suspect.

Idrus reportedly played a role in awarding bribes to Deputy Chairman of Commission VII of House of Representatives Eni Maulani Saragih.

"IM (Idrus Marham) is suspected of knowing and contributing to the receipt of EMS money (Eni Maulani Saragih)", said deputy chairman of KPK Basaria Panjaitan in a press conference in the KPK building in Jakarta, Friday (08 / 24/2018).

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According to Basaria, Idrus was instrumental in encouraging Eni to receive IDR 4 billion in November and December 2017, as well as IDR 2.2 billion in March and June 2018.

All the money was given by Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo, as shareholder of Blackgold Natural Resources Limited.

Eni Maulani Saragih was called a suspect in a case of alleged bribery in connection with a 35 thousand megawatt power plant project.

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The bribe was a contract for a cooperation agreement for the construction of PLTU Riau-1 in the province of Riau.

Eni reportedly received a kickback of Rp 500 million, which was part of a 2.5 percent commitment fee of the value of the Riau-1 power plant construction project.

The commitment fee was given by Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo. In this case, the KPK also named Johannes as a suspect for giving bribes to Eni.

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According to Basaria, it was discovered during the development of the research that Idrus helped and received bribes together with Eni Maulani.

Meanwhile, Idrus was promised $ 1.5 million by Johannes Budisutrisno.

"The money will be given if the project is successfully executed by JBK (Johannes) and his friends," said Basaria.

Compass TV Idrus Marham declared his resignation as a social minister.

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