Immigration officers Victims of foreign tourist abuse receive awards

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport immigration officer, Ardiansyah received a prize from the regional office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the province of Bali.

Reported from Compass. com on Sunday (08/19/2018) Ardiansyah received a prize for the remaining patient after being beaten by tourists from the United Kingdom.

Head of Bali's provincial office for law and human rights, Maryoto Sumadi explained that Ardiansyah was rewarded for carrying out his duties with Immigration, Ngurah Rai got unpleasant treatment and remained patient and emotionless while serving foreigners who beat him.

"We have given Ardiansyah a prize because when carrying out assignments with Immigration Ngurah Rai an unpleasant treatment or British tourists hit, but patiently and not emotionally still serving the foreigners," said Maryoto.

Earlier reported from [1 9459006] on Thursday (08/02/2018), British female tourist with initials AT (42) was angry and beat the officer because he was being held by the immigration authorities.

The incident began when officers issued the AT documents in departure zone on Wednesday (1/8/2018).

When the inspection was carried out, the AT passport exceeded the 60-day residence permit limit and resulted in a fine of Rp 57 million.

From the counter, AT was referred to went to the office and met Ardiansyah as the immigration officer.

Ardiansyah again explained the delay in the visa ownership of AT, leaving AT unable to continue the journey and had to be investigated at the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office.

dirty words and blow Ardiansyah.

Because of an assault in the form of a blow, the AT was then reported to the Wasdakim field and sent to the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office for one day being detained and proceeding to a legal process managed by the district police of airport III . ( Ayun)

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